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Gallery Hopping: Martha's Vineyard

On our recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, the hubby and I spent an afternoon popping into galleries and discovering new artists.

Michel Brosseau

As different as the objects of our affection were, they all shared a germ of inspiration from Martha’s Vineyard, a spot that makes our hearts sing.  And that’s what art can do in a room.  Art can steer a room towards calming or dynamic energy.  It reminds you of the places, times and pastimes you love.

Steve Mills

When you look for art in a place you love, you’ll probably find art you love.  We found ourselves drawn to pieces that might not have had obvious connections, like a traditional oil painting of a barn amid rolling hills and an entirely abstract representation of a sail.

Rebecca Kinkead

Forrest Rodts

Alison Shaw

Robert Cardinal

Furniture alone can only take a house so far.  Art transforms it into a home.

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