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Store Front Studio: The Beginning

In just a few short weeks we will be opening our storefront studio in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, CA!  Isn't she a beauty? Amymeierdesign_Studio

To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement; this has been a dream of mine since I was a child.  The process has been as thrilling as I had imagined,  but also scary, and, to be honest, quite stressful.  In a span of less than for four weeks, we signed the lease, demoed it, began renovations, and will need to fully furnish it and movie in.  Quite a lot to get done. And with the clock ticking, decisiveness and dedication are paramount.

But once we settle in, I just know it will be worth it.  Let me take you through the space so you can envision what is to come.

Today, the before pictures.  It was previously a salon, which, as you can imagine, created a lot of wear and tear.

Amymeierdesign_studio_before1 Amymeierdesign_studio_before2

We have taken down the two walls you see in the above images, as well as the floater wall perpendicular to them.  The space already feels more open and inviting.  The front of the studio will be a showroom with a curated collection of antiques and one of kind pieces.  The back half will be out functioning studio space.

unnamed-21 unnamed-22 unnamed-23

After the demo, the next phase is installing ship-lap, painting the walls and trim white, adding a beautiful and durable sea grass rug, and finally adding a gold and silver leaf decorative painted ceiling that will glow against the night lighting to catch the eyes of all our potential clients that may pass by...  To finish, a collection of images that provided me with inspiration for the space:

9c155d2108360a0ded73aa66174cde67By Darryl Carter for Urban Electric


                     By Stephen Sills                                                 By J. Randall Powers

Stay tuned for the opening party details!

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