Amy Meier Design
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The Company

Amy Meier Design is a full-service, bespoke interior design firm located in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  Founded by Amy Meier in 2009, AMD combines a deep passion for classic design and an insatiable craving for the new to create beautifully balanced and unique spaces that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation.  The firm specializes in whole home and estate projects, from concept to completion, and prides itself on unequaled service and attention to detail.

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Principal Designer

Having earned a BA in fine arts from Boulder and a Master's in fashion from Parson's, Amy Meier founded Amy Meier Design with a broad skill set and unique vision.  The hallmarks of Amy's design, refined layering and meticulous editing, are present throughout her portfolio. And though the spectrum of the design itself can be vast, like the very clients she works with, there is a sculptural element that unites her work, in which shape, light, texture, and color are paramount.

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While Amy may be the heart of Amy Meier Design, the Shop and the Studio are the physical manifestations of the firm's design ethos.  Located in the village of Rancho Santa Fe, the studio is a place of both creation and collaboration, where designers and clients come together to communicate their dreams and visions, and ultimately turn those into reality.  Further, the storefront is an active gallery, library, and retail boutique, with a meticulously selected and ever changing inventory of exclusive art, antiques, accessories books and more.  Please browse our current collection here.

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Ultimately defined by the collaboration between client and firm, Amy believes that good design satisfies the body's innate need for comfort and the soul's thirst for beauty.  With that said, communication is the key to the discovery process; listening leads the design.  Vision, meticulous planning, execution, and service are the hallmarks of AMD's process.