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Favorite Spaces: Our Sitting Area

Often when I am designing, a favorite moment will surface at the end of the process.  And though I look forward to these moments, what surprises and delights me most is that they are almost never what I had expected them to be.  Take this little seating area in our living room.  The design concept was pulled from a seventeenth century nautical chart of Muskeget Channel, the waters between Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.  I purchased the map for my husband for our first wedding anniversary.   We got married on the Vineyard, so naturally I loved the sentiment of the piece.  But I was also drawn  the colors,  celery green mixed with the palest blue that seemed both calming and alive.

This seating area was designed out of a need for flexibility.  Day to day, it serves as a great place to sit and put on your shoes before going out.   When we entertain, however, the custom made bench is pulled forward into the main living space,  completing a horse shoe of seating around the fireplace.

I just love how, on its own, the sitting area remains a strong visual point in the living room.  The way the light hits this space is wonderful, making it feel warm yet still chic, highlighting both its rustic and refined nature.

I designed the bench to have simple and delicate lines.  The Rose Tarlow strie fabric has just the right color, but it also possesses gorgeous weight and looks impeccably tailored.  To contrast the more refined fabric and trim, I used upholstery tacks along the seat back edge.  This raw detail makes it a touch more casual and approachable.  This is a seat, after all, and made to be sat on.  I believe that every piece that goes into a home should be used.  I remember the first time a sat in this space, with the light just right, and how  it made me feel.  It really was a lovely moment.

What are your favorite moments in your home?

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