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On First Impressions

I had my business cards designed by Tallow Studio when I first launched my firm in 2009 and I still absolutely love them!  However, recently I have been finding that I need stationary to correspond with clients and vendors.

Katherine, of Tallow Studio, recently had a baby and unfortunately could not take on this project.  To my luck I stumbled on Megan of Toast and Laurel while reading Urban Grace Interiors.  Megan worked with my existing brand identity platform, using it as a springboard to create new pieces:  letterhead, envelopes with pre-printed logo and address, and uniquely-shaped cards for dashing off notes to clients and vendors.

The old saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression couldn’t be truer or more important to small business owners.  Right from the get-go, when I didn’t have a single client, I took care (and spent money) on my business cards. People still comment regularly on their quality.  It’s a subtle way of telegraphing how much I value craftsmanship and quality in my work.

It’s such a joy to work with someone who fully “gets” your brand, and is able to stay true to it while bring freshness to the table. I couldn’t be happier with Megan’s work.

Here’s a toast to Toast and Laurel, and all the first impressions still ahead for Amy Meier Design!

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