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Sunday Dinner

I am going to be honest, while Maggie was still in a highchair, we were very casual with our dinners.  Probably a little too casual... we often ate at the coffee table.  Now that she can sit with us in a booster seat,  we make a point of sitting together at the dining table for dinner and actual conversation .  You should hear Maggie's energetic recap of her days,  which usually include "swings and slides". During the week, despite our best efforts, our sit-down meals tend to be brief.  But on Sundays, we try and set a nice table and really indulge in a traditional family meal.  I have to admit, my husband is the cook, so my job is setting the scene.


This weekend I set a rustic and causal table, mixing a variety of items I have been collecting for years with fresh-cut iceberg roses from our garden.   Our Bennington Potters plates and covered serving dish were wedding gifts and they worked so well with antique brown and cream English T & R Boote Lahore plates that I found at a flea market. And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably remember the custom monogrammed napkins!  I cannot even tell you how much I enjoy Sunday dinner!









Oh, and a little Peter Rabbit plate for Maggie!


And she loved the meal!  Have a wonderful week everyone!

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