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Inspired By: Vacation

Don't hate me because of what I'm about to say, but... taking vacation is hard these days, and enjoying it is even harder.   So it goes as a business owner, I know.   And don't get me wrong, owning my own business is a blessing; I wouldn't have it any other way, but it comes at a price.  And that price is the absolute inability to stop thinking, worrying, planning, servicing, etc., etc...  I'm not breaking any news to anyone here, but the technology in our pockets connect us to anything and everything, all day, everyday, and it is virtually impossible to turn it off and tune it out. And not mention, our family is scattered around the country.  So when I do travel, it seems to be either for work trips, or to see family members over the holidays.   True vacations, therefore, are rare.

All of that was not about me complaining, but to set the stage for  a vacations, a real vacation I took with Kevin, Maggie, and Lilly.  We escaped to "our" island, and allowed ourselves to enjoy the simplest joys.  Riding a bike around town, just because.  Teaching my daughter the art of the s'more.  Sitting by the fire and drawing.  Taking a nap.

And what do you know, once you unplug, you actually get more inspired.   It is hard for me not to "be there" for my clients during this time and only recently have I been able to let go of that control.  The time off  refueled and re-invigorated me, and now I feel ready to take on all comers.  But I must admit, it wasn't easy.  Do any of you struggle with really vacationing?












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