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Nursury Wall Art

Art is sometimes the last element to come together in a room, but never the least important.  When it came to our peanut’s nursery, we were looking for something that had meaning to both of us and wasn’t too girly; my husband had already maxed out on all the layers of pink I put in the room.  Floating the crib in the middle of the room freed up a blank wall unbroken by windows or furniture.  Whatever we landed on would have to fill the expanse and create a lot of impact. Shel Silverstein was a natural source of inspiration.  We both grew up reading his poems and can still recite them by heart.  (One of my husband’s favorites is Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Too; I can’t decide between The Pancake or Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout.)

We spent an evening thumbing through the pages and reminiscing about which ones we could remember.  In the end, we selected several two-paged and single-paged poems.  That way they interact with each other.  When they’re hung, you can actually read across the wall.

If you haven’t guessed by now, we literally ripped the pages out of the book! It’s well worth buying an extra copy to skip the hassle of scanning.

I added a hand-painted matting to make these shine.  I brought my paint chips and fabric swatches to the framer, and we decided on a custom-mixed reddish pink outline.  Two skinny black lines on either side of the pink matting sharpens the edges and ties it in with the black and white graphics of the drawings.

Speaking of the graphic pen and ink line drawings, they’re already laid out like pieces of art.  I know our little girl will love looking at them from her crib.

In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  It adds another layer to the room, has plenty of impact without being overwhelming, and can grow with her over time.  Most importantly, we’re passing on a tradition that means so much to both of us. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it makes us smile, too – and that it’s not a big pink floral painting!

Before I leave you, I just had to share these booties that my friend Bianca of  Bink & Boo made for peanut.  They're made from a vintage 50's dress.  Aren't they incredible!!!

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