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Peanut's Room Reveal!

What a month it’s been!  I’m exhausted – and very excited. As our little girl gets bigger and bigger, it gets harder to sit at my desk!  But there’s still so much I want to share before she arrives.  Today I’m revealing her finished nursery! When KUSI called me in July about appearing on their morning show to talk about nurseries, let’s just say there was a lot of work yet to be done.  At that point, I had developed a general design concept, chosen paint colors and sourced the chandelier. That’s a far cry from a finished room, though.  I knew I had to kick it into high gear.

In a month’s time I managed to finalize the spatial plan, order the crib, draft sketches of the gliding chair and ottoman and have them made, source bookcases, and design window treatments.  Never in my life have I indulged in overnighting so much fabric.

But the truth is I didn’t do it alone. A three-week timeline is completely unrealistic for most projects.  Luckily my upholsterer and seamstress fast-tracked the work.  Thank goodness they pitched in and cranked out the work in no time.

And what a gorgeous job they did, too.  What makes a child’s room fun are the details, from the buttons on the chair to the bones of the window treatments.  The artisans I work with made each and every detail shine.

A nursery or kid’s room is a great place to allow yourself to be more playful than you might be in, say, a living room.  Think about layering more patterns than you might normally.

It’s a delicate balance between playful and juvenile, and a big part of that is the color palette.  Once you’ve settled on soothing tones, it’s time to have fun with different patterns, textures and tailoring techniques.

If you make sure to layer, the results will be far more interesting than the typical bedding-wall decal-window treatment trio seen in most nurseries.

Here is a link to the KUSI Good Morning San Diego Spot

I’m breathing a sigh of relief that our peanut’s room is ready and waiting for her.  Actually we are all waiting for her - just two and a half weeks and counting!

In the meantime I’ll break some of the design details in separate posts. Keep an eye out for posts on designing one-of-a-kind gliding chairs, displaying child-appropriate art, and creating bookshelves that go way beyond basic white and tie in with the room design on every level.

Til next time – assuming I can still fit behind my desk!

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