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Winter Antique Show: NYC

Last week I ventured to the Great White North... I mean New York City, to attend the Winter Antique Show.  They say it is "the city that never sleeps",  and I lived that.  My original flight was cancelled, so, after being re-booked on the red-eye, I arrived bright and early, travel bag in hand and not a toddler to be seen.   And when you're on you own in NYC, it is amazing what you can get done in a day! I stayed at the Viceroy, ate amazing meals, shopped, hit the D&D building, went to museums,  and walked until my feet ached.  The show, itself, was outstanding: an amazingly curated collection of antiques, by vendors with unique eyes.  I must say, I was inspired not only by the stunning antiques, but also  the way each dealer displayed their items.

The following evening was the Young Collectors Night; what a wonderful  backdrop for a cocktail party.  Instead of describing all the amazing things I saw, I'm going to let the images speak for themselves.  Here is what caught my eye.


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