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Inspired By: agave

When designing a home, I often look to nature for inspiration.  The variations and combinations of color that exist in plants, animals, earth, and sky is truly amazing.  And the varying, often contradicting textures, really challenges and informs my design.   It goes far beyond the obvious sunset or flower; some of the most interesting and inspiring  subjects are the small and often overlooked details.  Our family goes for nightly walks and I sometimes bring my camera to capture these images.  I store them away in my inspiration files, never knowing when I will draw on them to work into a project. Currently, I am designing a beautiful home in Atlanta.  The foundation has been poured and the framing is going up as we speak.  So as the architect and the builder work away on the other side of the continent, I have been building the design concept for the interior of the home.  Going through my inspiration library, I recalled images I recently captured of an agave plant, and they really resonated with the Atlanta project.


What interesting (but subtle) depth and variation of color and tone: chalky white, sage, celadon. And how fun is the unique, natural pattern  that is imprinted on the leaves as the agave grows?  But what I think I like most is the contrast in textures between the rigid leaves with spiny edges, and the soft, almost velvet skin.



These colors and textures inspired the fabrics that will serve as are the foundation for the design of the home. With a natural, neutral backdrop, we will create a soft, open and airy feeling.  And much like the desert plants that bud bright and beautiful flowers, each room will build on the neutral base with bursts of color and life.



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