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Write it Down. Make it Happen

Don't you love that cleansing feeling of a new year?!  A few weeks ago, Heather of Habitually Chic recommended the book, "Write it Down. Make it Happen".   I quickly ordered the book and have since lent every free moment to reading it.   Though I haven't even finished the book , I am already thinking about its lessons and turning those thoughts into actions. No need to dress it up, the main point is right there in the title: "Write it down, Make it Happen".  But what I find refreshing, and even freeing, is the idea of writing down and striving for any and all of my goals, with no filter and no judgement.  Nothing is crazy nor unattainable.


And through the process of writing,  I feel myself cleaning out my mental and emotional warehouse, taking inventory, and beginning to see how each of those goals is attainable.

In no particular order, a few of th things that I have written down, and will make happen ;)

1.  Redesign my website.  The design was done over 4 years ago and does not represent where the company is today.

2.  Attend more gallery openings.

3.  Take art classes.  I was a Fine Arts major, for Pete's sake.

4.  Make this blog more dynamic.  Tell the story of craftsmanship through videos.

5.  Carve out more me time.  With a young family and my own business, moments alone are few and far between (and though I love my work and my life, they're needed).  Unplug at night.  Garden, yoga, draw, read, breathe.

Have you had a chance to set your 2014 goals?

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